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Pyrox 296dc35b4f
[hosts] dnsutils.dig -> doggo
Stops pulling in dnsutils, which pulls in the entirety of bind. Instead
use doggo, and alias it appropriately.
2024-05-22 17:32:36 -04:00
data [] Update nextcloud-office 2024-05-11 00:49:24 -04:00
home [hosts] dnsutils.dig -> doggo 2024-05-22 17:32:36 -04:00
hosts [hosts] dnsutils.dig -> doggo 2024-05-22 17:32:36 -04:00
lib [data] Initialize data 2024-05-10 02:00:02 -04:00
modules [modules.forgejo-runner] Disable ipv6 in containers 2024-01-27 16:01:29 -05:00
oldconfig [oldconfig] Fix waybar css 2024-03-10 13:58:56 -04:00
overlays [meta] Flake updates 2024-05-22 17:00:28 -04:00
patches fix patch 2023-09-08 19:34:18 -04:00
pkgs [] Move radicale htpasswd from package to agenix file 2024-05-07 01:12:01 -04:00
users/thehedgehog [home] fix some more config stuff 2023-12-29 22:14:56 -05:00
.editorconfig [meta] Update editorconfig 2024-02-20 23:49:37 -05:00
.envrc [env] Update envrc 2024-01-11 11:59:50 -05:00
.gitignore marvin: Update storage 2022-05-10 15:05:44 -04:00
flake.lock [meta] Flake updates 2024-05-22 17:00:28 -04:00
flake.nix [meta] Flake updates 2024-05-22 17:00:28 -04:00 readme: some updates 2023-03-16 16:30:23 -04:00 [meta] Update todo list 2024-05-12 16:24:10 -04:00

PyroConf, a custom Nix config

No Place Like ~

This is PyroNet's (relatively) production-grade NixOS config repo. It contains configurations for 3 different machines, as well as home-manager configurations.

I try to keep the configuration organized. All home-manager related items go in /home, host configurations go in /hosts, and custom packages are in /pkgs, among other folders.

My machines serve production infra for * domains. There are a few exceptions:

  • My blog, and the root domain which are served by OMG.LOL. I highly recommend their services, as you get a great domain name at a company that cares about you. If you do sign up, consider using my referral link, as I get 3 months of service credit if you sign up through it.

There are some services I run that many homelabs do not. They are:

  • Authoritative DNS for my domains, run on prefect.
  • A Tailscale tunnel from marvin to prefect which allows me to run services on marvin while having them be externally accessible.
  • Email services for my domains, also run on prefect, with all email data backed up hourly to marvin, ensuring data reliability.
  • Connections to the DN42 network, run on prefect.

I also run many typical homelab services, such as:


If you have any questions about any of the services I run, or would like to reach out, my contact info is on my profile here


Copyright (c) 2023 Pyrox and PyroNet. All rights reserved. This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at