Modular server-side link protector bypasser.
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# Supported Sites
Sites supported by BIFM currently. Example links redirect to `` unless otherwise stated.
Redirects not directly linking to our site may be NSFW and are not endorsements of the content.
## Adlink sites
|Domain|Method|Needs CAPTCHA solver?|Example Links|Additional Domains|Additional Notes|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|Yes||Need a SFW and legal example |
|**``**|Got|No|[](|``|There is not a complete list of domains under's net that I could find, but there is an algorythm for finding links and automatically bypassing it.|
|**`adlinkfly`**|Puppeteer + Stealth|Sometimes, but always required|[](, [](, [](|``, ``, ``, ``|Like, there is not a list of adlinkfly sites, but there is an algorithm to find and bypass them.|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Stealth|Yes|[]( redirects to ``|``|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Stealth|No|[]( redirects to ``.||
|**``**|Got|No|[](|``, ``, ``||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( redirects to a broken Google Drive link.|``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|Yes|[](|||
|**`DaddyScripts`**|Got|Sometimes, not always required|[]( (no password), []( (password: `bifm`)|||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblock|Yes|[](|``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|No|[](|||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|No|[](|``|Not officially a seperate extractor, this uses the `exeio` extractor.|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|Yes||``|Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**``**|Puppeteer|No|[](|``, ``, ``||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( redirects to ``.||Passworded links are currently not supported.|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|No|[](||Passworded links don't need a password due to a cookie exploit.|
|**``**|Got|No|||Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**``**|Got|Yes|[]( for regular redirects, []( for a paste|``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|No|||Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Stealth|Yes|[](|``, ``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Ad & Tracker Blocker + Stealth|Yes|[](||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( redirects to ``|||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Ad & Tracker Blocker + Stealth|Yes|[](|``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Stealth|No|[]( redirects to a broken link.|||
|**``**|Got|No||``|Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**``**|Puppeteer + Stealth|Sometimes, only to bypass Cloudflare|[](|``||
|**``**|Got|No|||Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**``**|Got|No|[](|``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``, ``|The list to the right may not be 100% correct or complete.|
|**``**|Got|No|[](|``, ``, ``||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( redirects to ``.||
|**``**|Puppeteer|No|[]( redirects to ``|``||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( redirects to ``|``||
|**``**|Got|No|[]( (no password), []( (password: `bifm`)||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker|No|||Need example link that is SFW and legal.|
|**`wpsafelink`**|Got|No|**Regular WPSafelink**: []( redirects to ``**Long WPSafelink**: [](|``||
|**``**|Puppeteer + Adblocker + Stealth|No|[](|``, ``||
## Other Sites
There are some sites included in BIFM that aren't adlinks as well, and are here to save you a visit from being tracked.
- Social link pages: ``, ``, ``
- General URL Shortener: ``, ``