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OrpheusDL - Qobuz

A Qobuz module for the OrpheusDL modular archival music program

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About OrpheusDL - Qobuz

OrpheusDL - Qobuz is a module written in Python which allows archiving from Qobuz for the modular music archival program.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get a local copy of Orpheus up and running:



  1. Clone the repo inside the folder orpheusdl/modules/
    git clone qobuz
  2. Execute:
  3. Now the config/settings.json file should be updated with the Qobuz settings


Just call with any link you want to archive:



You can customize every module from Orpheus individually and also set general/global settings which are active in every loaded module. You'll find the configuration file here: config/settings.json


"global": {
    "general": {
        // ...
        "download_quality": "hifi"
    "formatting": {
        "album_format": "{album_name}{quality}{explicit}",
        // ...
    // ...

download_quality: Choose one of the following settings:

  • "hifi": FLAC up to 192/24
  • "lossless": FLAC with 44.1/16
  • "high": MP3 320 kbit/s


  • {quality} will add the format which you can specify under quality_format (see below), default:
     [192kHz 24bit]
    depending on the maximum available album quality and the chosen download_quality setting
  • {explicit} will add
    to the album path


"qobuz": {
    "app_id": "",
    "app_secret": "",
    "quality_format": "{sample_rate}kHz {bit_depth}bit",
    "username": "",
    "password": ""

app_id: Enter a valid mobile app id

app_secret: Enter a valid mobile app secret

quality_format: How the quality is formatted when {quality} is present in album_format, possible values are {sample_rate} and bit_depth.

NOTE: Set the "quality_format": "" to remove the quality string even if {quality} is present in album_format. Square brackets [] will always be added before and after the quality_format in the album path.

username: Enter your qobuz email address here

password: Enter your qobuz password here


Yarrm80s - @yarrm80s

Dniel97 - @Dniel97

Project Link: OrpheusDL Qobuz Public GitHub Repository