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A modular music archival program

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About OrpheusDL

OrpheusDL is a modular music archival tool written in Python which allows archiving from multiple different services.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get a local copy of Orpheus up and running:


  • Python 3.7+ (due to the requirement of dataclasses), though Python 3.9 is highly recommended


  1. Clone the repo
    git clone && cd orpheusdl
  2. Install all requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run the program at least once, or use this command to create the settings file
    python3 settings refresh
  4. Enter your credentials in config/settings.json


Just call with any link you want to archive, for example Qobuz:


Alternatively do a search (luckysearch to automatically select the first option):

python3 search qobuz track darkside alan walker

Or if you have the ID of what you want to download, use:

python3 download qobuz track 52151405


You can customize every module from Orpheus individually and also set general/global settings which are active in every loaded module. You'll find the configuration file here: config/settings.json


    "download_path": "./downloads/",
    "download_quality": "hifi",
    "search_limit": 10

download_path: Set the absolute or relative output path with / as the delimiter

download_quality: Choose one of the following settings:

  • "hifi": FLAC higher than 44.1/16 if available
  • "lossless": FLAC with 44.1/16 if available
  • "high": lossy codecs such as MP3, AAC, ... in a higher bitrate
  • "medium": lossy codecs such as MP3, AAC, ... in a medium bitrate
  • "low": lossy codecs such as MP3, AAC, ... in a lower bitrate

NOTE: The download_quality really depends on the used modules, so check out the modules

search_limit: How many search results are shown


    "album_format": "{name}{explicit}",
    "playlist_format": "{name}{explicit}",
    "track_filename_format": "{track_number}. {name}",
    "single_full_path_format": "{name}",
    "enable_zfill": true,
    "force_album_format": false

track_filename_format: How tracks are formatted in albums and playlists. The relevant extension is appended to the end.

album_format, playlist_format, artist_format: Base directories for their respective formats - tracks and cover art are stored here. May have slashes in it, for instance {artist}/{album}.

single_full_path_format: How singles are handled, which is separate to how the above work. Instead, this has both the folder's name and the track's name.

enable_zfill: Enables zero padding for track_number, total_tracks, disc_number, total_discs if the corresponding number has more than 2 digits

force_album_format: Forces the album_format for tracks instead of the single_full_path_format and also uses album_format in the playlist_format folder

Format variables

track_filename_format variables are {name}, {album}, {album_artist}, {album_id}, {track_number}, {total_tracks}, {disc_number}, {total_discs}, {release_date}, {release_year}, {artist_id}, {isrc}, {upc}, {explicit}, {copyright}, {codec}, {sample_rate}, {bit_depth}.

album_format variables are {name}, {id}, {artist}, {artist_id}, {release_year}, {upc}, {explicit}, {quality}.

playlist_format variables are {name}, {creator}, {tracks}, {release_year}, {explicit}, {creator_id}

  • {quality} will add
     [Dolby Atmos]
     [96kHz 24bit]

to the corresponding path (depending on the module)

  • {explicit} will add
    to the corresponding path


    "embed_cover": true,
    "main_compression": "high",
    "main_resolution": 1400,
    "save_external": false,
    "external_format": "png",
    "external_compression": "low",
    "external_resolution": 3000,
    "save_animated_cover": true
Option Info
embed_cover Enable it to embed the album cover inside every track
main_compression Compression of the main cover
main_resolution Resolution (in pixels) of the cover of the module used
save_external Enable it to save the cover from a third party cover module
external_format Format of the third party cover, supported values: jpg, png, webp
external_compression Compression of the third party cover, supported values: low, high
external_resolution Resolution (in pixels) of the third party cover
save_animated_cover Enable saving the animated cover when supported from the module (often in MPEG-4 format)


    "proprietary_codecs": false,
    "spatial_codecs": true

proprietary_codecs: Enable it to allow MQA, E-AC-3 JOC or AC-4 IMS

spatial_codecs: Enable it to allow MPEG-H 3D, E-AC-3 JOC or AC-4 IMS

Note: spatial_codecs has priority over proprietary_codecs when deciding if a codec is enabled


    "lyrics": "default",
    "covers": "default",
    "credits": "default"

Change default to the module name under /modules in order to retrieve lyrics, covers or credits from the selected module


    "embed_lyrics": true,
    "embed_synced_lyrics": false,
    "save_synced_lyrics": true
Option Info
embed_lyrics Embeds the (unsynced) lyrics inside every track
embed_synced_lyrics Embeds the synced lyrics inside every track (needs embed_lyrics to be enabled) (required for Roon)
save_synced_lyrics Saves the synced lyrics inside a .lrc file in the same directory as the track with the same track_format variables


Yarrm80s - @yarrm80s

Dniel97 - @Dniel97

Project Link: Orpheus Public GitHub Repository