Download 'TIDAL' Music On Windows/Linux/MacOs (PYTHON/C#)
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«Tidal-Media-Downloader» is an application that lets you download videos and tracks from Tidal. It supports two version: tidal-dl and tidal-gui. (This repository only contains tidal-dl, and the release isn't the newest gui version.)
Download | Documentation | 中文文档 |

📺 Installation

pip3 install tidal-dl --upgrade
tidal-dl Show interactive interface
tidal-dl -h Show help-message
tidal-dl -l "" Download link
tidal-dl -g Show simple-gui

If you are using windows system, you can use tidal-pro

Nightly Builds

Download nightly builds from continuous integration: Build Status

🤖 Features

  • Download album \ track \ video \ playlist \ artist-albums

  • Add metadata to songs

  • Selectable video resolution and track quality

💽 User Interface




Settings - Possible Tags


Tag Example value
{ArtistName} The Beatles
{AlbumArtistName} The Beatles
{Flag} M/A/E (Master/Dolby Atmos/Explicit)
{AlbumID} 55163243
{AlbumYear} 1963
{AlbumTitle} Please Please Me (Remastered)
{AudioQuality} LOSSLESS
{DurationSeconds} 1919
{Duration} 31:59
{NumberOfTracks} 14
{NumberOfVideos} 0
{NumberOfVolumes} 1
{ReleaseDate} 1963-03-22
{RecordType} ALBUM


Tag Example Value
{TrackNumber} 01
{ArtistName} The Beatles
{ArtistsName} The Beatles
{TrackTitle} I Saw Her Standing There (Remastered 2009)
{ExplicitFlag} (Explicit)
{AlbumYear} 1963
{AlbumTitle} Please Please Me (Remastered)
{AudioQuality} LOSSLESS
{DurationSeconds} 173
{Duration} 02:53
{TrackID} 55163244


Tag Example Value
{VideoNumber} 00
{ArtistName} DMX
{ArtistsName} DMX, Westside Gunn
{VideoTitle} Hood Blues
{ExplicitFlag} (Explicit)
{VideoYear} 2021
{TrackID} 188932980


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🎂 Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

🎨 Libraries and reference

📜 Disclaimer

  • Private use only.
  • Need a Tidal-HIFI subscription.
  • You should not use this method to distribute or pirate music.
  • It may be illegal to use this in your country, so be informed.


pip3 uninstall tidal-dl
pip3 install -r requirements.txt --user
python3 install