🎵 A Spotify music and playlist downloader written in Rust which also works with a free Spotify account
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A Spotify downloader written in Rust


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DownOnSpot was not developed for piracy.
It is meant to be used in compliance with DMCA, Section 1201, for educational, private and fair use.
I am not responsible in any way for the usage of the source code.


  • Works with free Spotify accounts (if using free-librespot fork)
  • Download 96, 160kbit/s audio with a free, 256 and 320 kbit/s audio with a premium account from Spotify, directly
  • Multi-threaded
  • Search for tracks
  • Download tracks, playlists, albums and artists
  • Convert to mp3
  • Metadata tagging
  • Simple usage over CLI


Clone the repository using git and change to the local repository directory:

git clone https://github.com/oSumAtrIX/DownOnSpot.git
cd DownOnSpot

A private ssh key is needed to use free Spotify accounts. Follow this answer by DopeGhoti on stackexchange.com on how to set up ssh with the required private key. A sample ~/.ssh/config file could look like this:

Host github.com
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/free_librespot_private_key

If you do not want to use free-librespot (i.e. if you are using a paid Spotify account), then remove the git dependency of free-librespot. For that, delete git = "ssh://git@github.com/oSumAtrIX/free-librespot.git" inside Cargo.toml. For paid Spotify accounts, make sure to then add librespot = "0.4.2" in the Cargo.toml file instead.

Nightly Rust is required to build this project. Install it by following rustup.rs instructions.

cargo build --release

If you get a linker error, you might need to download the standard libmp3lame library. On OS X, it should be enough to just run brew install lame, provided you have Homebrew installed.

Usage/ Examples

Running DownOnSpot once will create the default configuration file in the same directory as your shell.

$ down_on_spot.exe
Settings could not be loaded, because of the following error: IO: NotFound No such file or directory. (os error 2)...
..but default settings have been created successfully. Edit them and run the program again.

$ down_on_spot.exe
down_on_spot.exe (search_term | track_url | album_url | playlist_url | artist_url)

On OS X, the settings.json file is created globally for the logged in user and is located in ~/.config/down_on_spot/settings.json.

Apart from your Spotify username and password, you will need to login in to the Spotify developer dashboard and create a new private application. Fill in the client_id and client_secret in your settings.json from your newly created app. All the other settings should be self-explanatory, conversion from Ogg to MP3 is disabled by default.

Template variables

Following variables are available for path and filename_template in the settings.json:

  • %0disc%
  • %0track%
  • %album%
  • %albumArtist%
  • %albumArtists%
  • %artist%
  • %disc%
  • %id%
  • %title%
  • %track%

Additional scripts

Known issues

  • Mp3 downloads slow due to libmp3lame
  • Downloads fail sometimes due to channel error