A single bar for Firefox's UI.
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- repository has been moved from codeberg.org to git.gay
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- don't shrink top bar's height in single tab
- https truncate fix
- tweaks
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Firefox Onebar Please don't upload to GitHub

What can it do?


Singe Tab as Titlebar

Small Windows

Centered Search

Works with almost all customizations



Currently, I can only test Gnome Linux. However it does work for other OS's.
It is also possible to install with Firefox UI Fix

In Firefox

  • Make sure you are on the latest firefox stable version. ESR & other editions may not work as intended.
  1. Visit about:config
  2. Visit about:support
  3. In the Profile Directory row, copy the full path
    • May look something like: /home/{username}/.mozilla/firefox/...

In your file explorer

  1. Navigate to the path you've copied before
  2. If there is no chrome folder, create one and enter it
  3. Create a file named userChrome.css
    • At the very top of this file, include:
      @import "onebar/onebar.css";
    • The onebar.css file will be created in the next steps.
    • This makes it easier for other styles to be imported along with Onebar.

Then, in a Terminal

Doing this will allow you to update by running git pull in onebar's folder.

# Run each line individually.

cd #paste the path you copied before here to enter your firefox profile's folder, remove this comment
git clone https://git.gay/Freeplay/firefox-onebar.git chrome/onebar

There should now be a onebar folder inside of the chrome folder.

OR, to add it manually:

  1. Go to the path you copied before in your file explorer and enter the chrome folder you created before
  2. Create a folder named onebar inside of the chrome folder
  3. Copy the onebar.css file into the onebar folder.

Restart Firefox, and enjoy :)


If you used the Terminal Method:

cd #the path you copied before

cd chrome/onebar && git pull

If you've added it manually:

  1. Go to the path you copied before in your file explorer
  2. Enter the chrome / onebar folder
  3. Copy & paste the contents of userChrome.css into the file

Then, restart Firefox.


  1. Copy the preference name of the customization you want to enable from the table below
  2. Visit about:config
  3. Paste the preference name into the search bar
  4. Click the plus button at the bottom right

Then, restart Firefox.

Customization Preference Name
Autohide all URLbar icons until hover onebar.hide-all-URLbar-icons
Disable autohiding of URLbar icons (prevents movement of URLbar) onebar.disable-autohide-of-URLbar-icons
Disable truncating of https:// onebar.disable-https-truncate
Disable centering of URLbar on focus onebar.disable-centering-of-URLbar
Disable single-tab styling onebar.disable-single-tab
Hide unified extensions button onebar.hide-unified-extensions-button
Hide all tabs button onebar.hide-all-tabs-button
Hide navigation buttons when disabled onebar.conditional-navigation-buttons
Disable hiding navigation buttons when dragging to right of URL bar onebar.disable-hiding-navigation-buttons

Use with Firefox UI Fix:

  1. Install the Proton-style version of the Firefox UI fix first
  2. Visit about:support
  3. In the Profile Directory row, click "Open Directory"
  4. Enter the chrome folder
  5. Locate & open the userChrome.css file
    • At the very top of this file, include:
      @import "onebar/onebar.css";
  6. Continue from the "Then, in a Terminal" section.

Then, restart Firefox.


If you modify this style or use it in your own work, please make sure to at least credit me somewhere visible with a link to my website or to this style's repository :)

See the license below for more details:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If you support my work and can afford to,
you can donate to me here :)