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"port": 8182,
"db-url": "mongodb://",
"media-folder": "private/",
"remux": {
"enabled": true,
"folder": "remux/",
"video-codec": "libx264",
"audio-codec": "aac",
"container": "mp4"
"meta": {
"name": "Media Host",
"tagline": "Your one stop shop to host images, videos, audio and more.",
"short-tagline": "Your one stop shop to host anything.",
"domain": "",
"icon": null
"max-file-size": 524288000,
"max-anon-file-size": 52428800,
"sharex-support": true,
"allow-signup": true,
"allow-anon-uploads": false,
"captcha": {
"enabled": false,
"sitekey": "",
"secret": "",
"show-at-signup": true,
"show-at-login": true,
"show-at-report": true,
"show-at-anon-upload": true
"expect-reply-from": "",
"reject-tor": false,
"store-anon-ips": false,
"transparent-reports": true,
"insert-in-head": []