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Some frequently asked questions for the BIFM project

Can you add <site>?

Yes, as long as the site falls within one or more of these categories:

When in doubt, check to see if a similar site is already supported.

Also be sure to see if the URL isn't already supported by checking one of the instances and running the URL.

Be sure your issue/DM to a contributor also has the following:

  • An example link (example:
  • A destination link (the link you are supposed to get at the end result, like

Also be sure to include any other relevant information, like the origin of the link to further check the page.

<site> is broken, can you fix it?

Yes, but please check if the bypass is broken on as many instances as you see fit.

This can be a regional thing and not something actually wrong with BIFM.

If you have made sure, please send an issue with the following information:

  • The broken link (example:
  • Where the link is supposed to lead (example:
  • Where the link leads according to BIFM (example:
  • Any errors given to you, this can help espescially if you run the instance you're on by yourself.