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A modular, easy to use, server-side link bypasser.

Why is server-side better?

Fetching the pages from the client requires sending some information about your device to the tracking server (HTTP headers, IP address). For obvious reasons, this is not a great solution. It defeats the purpose of bypassing tracking links. By using a server-side solution, information about your client are never sent to these tracking servers, unless you explicitly want to.

Licensing Notice

Since this commit, this rewrite is using the APGL license, meaning that BIFM now requires attribution if you are using BIFM as an API, docs of which are coming shortly. If you would rather use the Unlicense version, use this commit and behind.


  • Optimize puppeteer extractors, espescially aylink and exeio.
  • Improve frontend site.
    • Add dark mode.
  • Add back proper Heroku support.
    • Improve the 30 second rule (requests cannot take longer than 30 seconds w/o timing out) with it.
  • Add referer support.

Sites being planned

There's a general need on our part to support all sites that previously were supported, but these are also some we would like to get done.