The Revolt client re-taped from the one held together with duct tape and bad code
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The client re-taped from the one held together by duct tape and bad code* (Pronounced ree-taped)

*Retaped basically isn't a fork anymore, as I did a full-client rewrite starting in this commit

Features include

  • Websocket connection, for updating the chat without refreshing
  • Replies, for, well, replying
  • Markdown (NOTE: not 1:1 RFM compatible)
  • Unreads and mentions
  • Emoji loading (including deprecated ones; you can use :trol: and :1984: to your heart's desire!)
  • Theme loading (no need to set a new theme when you switch clients!)
  • Image loading through Autumn
  • Masquerade loading (including proxying masqueraded avatars through January), as well as sending
  • Profile loading (including markdown, roles, badges, and status)
  • Written in nothing but vanilla HTML5, JS ES6, and CSS, making it quick to load and light to run
  • Actually looks decent (looking at you, Reduct...)
  • Custom instance support (NOTE: needs testing!)
  • Embed sending/loading
  • Permission checking
  • Reaction loading/sending (NOTE: cannot react with new reactions yet)
  • Role colours, including gradients
  • Modular: you need only clone the repo and change files from assets to change the default instance, for example
  • Settings page with profile setting
  • Colourblind-friendly presence indicators, which are also displayed in chat (you can disable this in settings)


Preview Overview of the client, demonstrating the basic layout and message rendering

Preview Theme-loading demonstration

Preview Markdown demo